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Become a certified AquaCore Instructor-

AquaCore courses are presented in an easy and fun format. It is our goal for you to apply what you learn in our course the very next day, so you can launch into this new method of training and start challenging your clients in a new way!

About AquaCore

AquaCore is the complete fitness class on water that combines the best of pilates, yoga and fitness training. Using balance and coordination on the board to integrate the fundamentals of pilates with high intensity intervals, core work, and  functional body weight exercises to create a total body workout.

Course Description

 The AquaCore foundations course is taught on-line and face-to-face. Each exercise will be demonstrated, discussed and practiced. Technical points to watch as well as how to teach including cuing will be covered for each exercise. The course also covers AquaCore class design and structure through different elements of AquarCore Tone, AquaCore Burn, and AquaCore Splash, so that you can easily amend programming dependant on the class length and client ability.


To become an AquaCore Trainer, you must have

  • Certificate 3 Group Fitness Trainer qualification
  • Current First Aid and Current CRP Certificates
  • Fitness Australia or ESSA Registered
  • Fitness Insurance


AquaCore is recognised by the APMA  CECS and also by Fitness Australia  CECS and by ESSA   CECs once you have received your certification.

Course objectives

At the completion of this course Instructors should be ale to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to correctly perform all the Aquacore exercises.
  • Understand the purpose and benefit of each AquaCore exercise and section
  • Understand the format and sequencing structure of the AquaCore program
  • Teach a AquaCore class
  • Modify a Aquacore class dependant on the desired length and clients level
  • modify AquaCore exercises upon clients individual needs and level of fitness

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" Fitness should be fun, exciting and motivating"
Alexandra Kookarkin, Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist
Alexandra Kookarkin, Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist
ESSAM AEP B. Sc (Exercise), B. Com, MHumNutr