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Maximising your Stabilizer Muscles

Maximising your Stabilizer Muscles

When you’re using your muscles, whether it’s for exercise or for every day activity, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than you may think. Not only are you targeting major muscles groups like your quadriceps, or your pectorals, but you’re also activating what are known as your stabilizer muscles. These muscles aren’t necessarily used in the action you’re performing, but instead they act as a foundation that keeps you balanced and steady, while the primary muscle does its job effectively. The stronger and more effective your stabilizers are, the more efficient and optimized your exercise will be. For example, when performing a bicep curl, the muscles targeted are the biceps. However, in order to stabilize the rest of the body, the legs, core, back and shoulders are all activated simultaneously.


One of the major stabilizers of the body during most, if not all types of movement is your core. The core is the central point of the body, and plays a massive role in the performance of functional activity, hence the name. Having a strong core is one of the most important aspects of every day life. Targeting your core is going to improve your balance and stability, thereby simultaneously improving the function of other joints and muscles that are working. This can then be translated to activities such as carrying shopping, or walking uphill.


By combining the principles of Pilates with the flow of water, AquaCore can provide an incredibly effective, yet fun alternative to challenge your stabilizer muscles, as well as your core. Constant motion of the water underneath your board will act as an unstable surface, challenging both your primary and stabilizing muscles. In turn, this can help improve your balance, performance of exercise, and activities of daily living. Jonathon Fermanis

What is Aquacore?

What is Aquacore?

Inspired by the combination of the importance of balance and core stability, the love of exercising outdoors and enjoying time on the water, I have developed a program that has it all.

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who has owned a fitness business for the last 10 years, I have combined my experience and knowledge to develop the AquaCore Program.
AquaCore is a method of training that allows you to challenge your muscles in a low-impact way, while working your core stabilising muscles to the max!

Each class features an energetic combination of exercises that enhance flexibility, improve balance and challenge the core. You will become acquainted to muscles you didn't even know you had. You will feel strong, both physically and mentality.
I wanted to create a workout that is both challenging and exhilarating so that every client walks away looking and feeling energised!

The AquaCore program delivers a dynamic and fun experience on the water. The AquaCore program can be taught in many different environments from backyard pools, indoor aquatic centres, or even ocean rock pools, the anchored boards provide the participants with a sturdy platform to flow through the exercises.

The best way to mix your training up this Spring is to add AquaCore into your schedule. The classes cater to all fitness abilities and provide a unique experience for every participant. You will discover more about yourself, your ability to balance, focus and have fun!
I am looking forward to seeing my clients improve their core stability and balance from week to week. To be pushed to include harder exercises from a traditional gym workout like pushups, squat jumps and even burpees.

By Alex Kookarkin
For more information please email Alex alex@missfitexercise.com



Outdoor exercise is beneficial in more aspects than one!

Outdoor exercise is beneficial in more aspects than one!

With the sun finally showing itself, the cold weather slowly disappearing, and summer right around the corner, it’s time to ditch the tracksuit pants and indoor exercise classes in exchange for some old-fashioned outdoor activity! Personally, I think theirs nothing better than a late afternoon jog as the sun is setting in that perfect dusk warmth. Being outside and exercising has definitely helped keep me in a good state of mind while keeping my body active, and guess what? It’s actually scientific fact. 


An analysis of current research conducted a few years a go came to the conclusion that performing physical activity and exercise while you’re outdoors can not only maintain the great physical aspects, but also help improve mental well-being in comparison to exercise indoors. Exercising outdoors showed greater improvements in feelings of “revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement”, as well as decreased “tension, confusion, anger, and depression”.


The evidence is definitely out there – outdoor exercise is beneficial in more aspects than one, and can definitely leave you feeling better physically and mentally. So why not try out some outdoors exercise classes? A picturesque scene over the water on a beautiful spring day sounds tempting, doesn’t it?


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